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60s, 70s, 80's, a a milne, alan davies, angel, animals, antique shops, asterix, astrology, avengers, babylon 5, beach, big knights, birds of prey, blackadder, blake's 7, books, boris vallejo, buffy, c s lewis, card making, ceramic painting, charity shops, charmed, cheese, childrens books, chocolate, clangers, clubs, coffee, computers, cornwall, corrs, craft, crafting, crystals, cuddlies, dark angel, decoupage, deep space nine, detective fiction, dickens, discworld, dorothy l. sayers, douglas adams, dr who, dragons, drop the dead donkey, ebay, education, elo, elton john, elves, embossing, enya, equality, eric clapton, fairies, family, fantasy, films, food, freedom, friends, games, gaming, garfield, glass painting, gorillaz, haiku, hhgttg, ice cream, ivor the engine, james marsters, jonathan creek, joni mitchell, joss whedon, knowledge, legends, librarian, lord of the rings, love, magic, marmite, mason williams, mermaids, muppets, music, my laptop, myths, nature, orang utans, paint, peace, pens, people, peter gabriel, phil collins, pink floyd, powerpuff girls, pratchett, pretty paper, pterry, quantum leap, quizzes, radiohead, reading, red dwarf, rocky horror picture show, role playing, role-playing, sci fi, sci-fi, science fiction, scotland, sea, sean bean, sean connery, sex, shawn the sheep, shopping, silk painting, smallville, snoopy, space, spike, star trek, star wars, terry pratchett, texting, the celts, the offspring, the sweet, tigger, tolkein, trek, unicorns, vegetables, vegetarian food, virtual reality, wales, white chocolate, white magic, wicca, writing