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barkingmad's Journal

28th October, 2006. 1:41 pm.

Mischief, my middle name,
enabling fun, causing smiles,
enigmatic gaze!

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28th October, 2006. 12:30 pm.

oh no, my password
i did not forget you, but
you are now reset

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27th March, 2006. 8:51 pm. 9 months about

remind me of love
and I remember haiku
rainy days and you

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9th March, 2005. 5:13 pm.

I do not update
for any special reason
just when I choose to

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4th May, 2004. 9:20 pm. Today was another long day

I suffered so here
unable to help myself much
the day passed slowly

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17th January, 2004. 11:47 pm.

late this night runs on
I await my mate's return
and none suspect me

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30th November, 2003. 9:28 am.

a long time passes
between my posts on lj
because I am slow

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21st June, 2003. 9:08 pm.

watching the waves now
free from the blustering wind
they embrace the sand

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2nd June, 2003. 4:14 pm.

o joy o rapture
i have found a dead seagull
it fell from my roof

Current mood: frustrated.

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23rd May, 2003. 12:06 pm.

in haiku we have
fourteen syllables three lines
and plenty of fun

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